We are here for YOU.

Streetview offers services that fully encompass strategic valuation, effective acquisition, trending renovations, and property management aspects to properties in the Charlotte-Raleigh, NC area. Additionally, our innovative approach to property investment and management has allowed us to enter markets all over the southeast United States. With properties in Columbia, South Carolina, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Nashville, Tampa, and Orlando, our plan for growth is proving successful. With our innovative strategy that offers consistent returns, we are set to expand even further in the near future. We would love to have you on board!


Source, analyze, thoroughly research, and negotiate the purchase of new real estate investments.

Renovation & Property Maintenance

Single-family property renovation and maintenance from start to finish. The entire process is completed with expedited return times.

Property Management

Full scale property management services catered toward your needs as a homeowner, investor, or landlord.

Property Dispositions

Detailed and innovative approach in determining the ideal level of renovation to allow our clients to maximize net profits.