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Property Dispositions


Let Streetview Properties take a detailed and innovative approach in determining the ideal level of renovation to allow our clients to maximize net profits.

Property Dispositions

We Can Take Care of YOU.

Streetview Properties uses an advanced strategy when working through property dispositions. We work through specific avenues to determine the best course of action to achieve maximum value with your property. Based on determination of rental value, retail value, and property condition, we can mirror that information with demographic data to determine accurate figures. Finally, we make a determination alongside you as to what avenue of sale you should pursue.

Retail Buyers

Our team is excellent at determining the best course of action to take with your property to allow it to achieve maximum retail value. This is the most common avenue of property sale in our markets. We will use our advanced transactional database to determine area value, and alongside our renovation management team, determine the best path to increase value for sale with as little investment as possible.

Institutional Investors

Streetview Properties has extensive knowledge of this advanced process. Our team knows the technical underwriting guidelines and valuation process that institutions will use when looking to invest in a property. We know what appeals to this buyer through extensive research, experience, and first-hand interactions. We have a deep knowledge of the specific factors (Net yield, price factors, neighborhood, and demographic data) that are used in this scenario.

Foreign Buyers

We have completed many transactions with foreign buyers from all over the world. We understand the intricate motivations that foreign buyers will have, depending on their region. We can appeal to these motivations through specific adjustments and renovations. The good news? We have this covered for you.


Source, analyze, thoroughly research, and negotiate the purchase of new real estate investments.

Renovation & Property Maintenance


Single-family property renovation and maintenance from start to finish. The entire process is completed with expedited return times.



Property Management


Full scale property management services catered toward your needs as a homeowner, investor, or landlord.



Property Dispositions


Detailed and innovative approach in determining the ideal level of renovation to allow our clients to maximize net profits.