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Acquisitions & Valuations


Let Streetview Properties source, analyze, thoroughly research, and negotiate the purchase of new real estate investments.

Acquisitions & Valuations

We Can Take Care of YOU.

Streetview Properties has successfully acquired thousands of homes since inception.  Additionally, we have completed thousands of 3rd party valuations on client owned properties and underwritten homes in the foreclosure process.  Underwriting is a scientific process of projecting data to achieve the highest possible marginal outcome.  We have specialists on our team who work with the evaluation of condition, rehab cost estimation, title exams, setting retail values and rental price points, and projecting base operating metrics.  We can crunch the data to give you an edge!

Market Knowledge and Analytics

Our strong team of field agents consistently drive assets, and our analytics and diligence teams are your real estate scientists.  They effectively leverage intricate transaction databases to competitively value thousands of properties across our growing southeast markets.

Competitive Advantage

With our innovative acquisition strategy that is centered on targeted demographic data within a financially growing area, we create investment opportunities that are directly in the path of the potential customers.  Our teams are comprised of multiple backgrounds in the real estate industry across numerous spectrums.  While we know that the process is important, analyzation of data and using that information to create worthwhile opportunities is essential!


Source, analyze, thoroughly research, and negotiate the purchase of new real estate investments.

Renovation & Property Maintenance


Single-family property renovation and maintenance from start to finish. The entire process is completed with expedited return times.



Property Management


Full scale property management services catered toward your needs as a homeowner, investor, or landlord.



Property Dispositions


Detailed and innovative approach in determining the ideal level of renovation to allow our clients to maximize net profits.