Are you a real estate agent with a seller who does not want to pay your full commission?

If so, there are options that benefit you and your seller. 

#1 Flat-Fee Agents

With this option, you could offer your seller a flat rate for your services instead of asking to be paid on commission. This fee is normally lower than the commission would be (based on the home’s selling price), but allows you to help the seller while still benefiting from your efforts. This fee can be beneficial for home sellers who like to know exactly what they are going to need to pay for their home to sell upfront instead of waiting to pay commission when the final sale price is accepted. 

If the seller is going to have to pay a buyer’s agent for their efforts in the transaction, make sure your seller knows upfront and what cost to expect.


#2 Discount Brokers 

Unlike a seller paying a flat fee upfront, your seller will pay you a commission percentage after the sale. The difference in this transaction from a normal commission transaction? The commission is going to be less than your standard commission rate. 

If your seller chooses this option, make sure they understand they will still need to pay the buyer’s agent commission. You may can negotiate a lower commission with the buyer’s agent based on the type of sale. 

# 3 Per-Day Pricing

Some real estate agents are rolling out a new technique and charging a daily fee to list a seller’s home. You can provide all of the marketing and advertising tools to your seller, such as access to MLS and a yard sign. The difference in this option opposed to a traditional seller is that this seller pays a daily fee for your expertise and guidance instead of you doing all of the work. Because of this, the per-day pricing option mostly benefits home buyers who are committed to doing more themselves to list their home and can likely get a quick sale. The faster the home sells, the less days the seller will have to pay you. 

#4 Partner with Streetview Properties

If you do not want to turn down a seller who needs to sell fast but cannot list on MLS due to various reasons, we will pay you for your referral and buy your seller’s home at a cash price. This is a win-win for both you and your seller! 

Here’s how it works:

STEP #1 We determine a cash price for your seller’s property within 15 minutes

STEP #2 We come to an agreement with your seller

STEP #3 We purchase the property “as is” (no loan issues, escrow cancellations or page-long list of property repairs)

STEP #4 You receive commission and your seller walks away with a cash deal

It’s as easy as that! No stress, no haggling, no people walking through your seller’s house. You and your seller will benefit from a quick and easy sale. 


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